GamesCom Recap – Machiavillain

Hey there! Do you like old-school horror movies? You know, those where some kids decide it’s cool to trust that ominous letter or ad in the newspaper? Great! Do you have ambitions to become a manager or like games, such as RimWorld, where you are in charge of a colony of a bunch of colonists? Awesome!

Welcome to Machiavillain, where your job is to build, manage, and occasionally defend the most terrifying Monster Mansion you can possibly think of!

If you have ever played RimWorld, or a similar game, you already know how the basic Gameplay will end up being, which is not a bad thing. You will have control over a small group of Monsters, all of whom have stats and needs and build the biggest, baddest, most terrifying horror-movie-mansion you can imagine! Your monsters will need to collect resources, research new, even more terrifying things to stuff into your mansion and, of course, things like stone walls; A wooden mansion would hold up against an angry mob too long, after all!

But do not forget, Monsters are people, too. They become hungry and need a snack every now and then to stay loyal to you. Fail to cater to their needs, and they might end up leaving, or worse! What does a monster eat, you might ask. Well, silly, Monsters eat humans, of course! Their favorite age is teens. Their favorite dish differs from monster to monster, Vampires favour blood, Zombies are crazy for brains – Their own, after all, are kinda rotten – While skeletons are fine picking out a few bones. Other monsters might even want meat, as well! So, how does one go about acquiring such things, surely you can’t just send the Vampires to eat out in the local blood bank, Dom?

Well no, of course not! That’s where some of the things I mentioned earlier come into play. You will need to lure unsuspecting people to your mansion via methods that would make the big horror writers proud! Send ominous letters, place advertisements in the local newspaper, market your murder estate to your absolute best! But be careful, people might grow suspicious of you. And you surely know what happens if people grow suspicious of that old, seemingly abandoned villa in town where kids seem to disappear in regularly, right?

If the townsfolk has the suspicion, that your Villa is not as lifeless as it appears to be, they’ll send the police to check on whether some of the kids might just be hiding or are in need of help – or worse. And if word gets out that you are actually a band of monsters, feasting on their fellow townsfolk? Oh boy, you’re going to be in for one giant, angry mob with pitchforks and torches! But fret not, your Monster pals are all (more or less) well versed in combat! Your Vampires can turn into bats, becoming incredibly difficult to hit, skeletons throw their bones (which damages them, but they can actually pick up their bones as well as some of their victims), Zombies are, well, Zombies. There’s poison cooking alchemists, Frankenstein, his Monster, who acts as a bulletsponge, and many others, such as mummies. Combat works a little more like in an RPG, with your monsters having abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re a fan of colony games inspired by Dwarf Fortress and the great Masters of Horror, you definitely need to keep your eye on WildFactor’s Machiavillain, because it’s shaping up to be one hell of a fun game!

MachiaVillain will enter Early Access in Spring 2017 with the full release being likely at the end of 2017 – Of course those things can change in an activive developing environment such as that of MachiaVillain, take the numbers with a grain of Salt.

MachiaVillain has been successfully funded on Kickstarter in early 2016

Make sure to follow WildFactor on Twitter and bookmark their Homepage for development blogs in both English and French!

Who is WildFactor?

Wild Factor was founded in 2012 by programmer Alexandre Lautié. Alexander has worked on nine commercial games over the years from retro pixel to next gen console games, including his time at Ubisoft where he helped create the development tools for Just Dance and Just Dance 2014. The story he tells about Wild Factor’s inception is he was eating alphabet soup and saw this message in his bowl: strt a gma cmpiny. “Close enough”, he said, and Wild Factor was born.

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