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More plan talking, woohoo!

Soooooo… Streaming. Yeah. I’ll be going back to entertaining empty rooms, and I do not expect ’em to fill up anytime soon, or ever, really. Before you click the post just to post a comment about how I should either be more confident about the whole thing or just give up before trying and then realizing nobody is watching and subsequently going all “Well, fudge this!” again, hear me out!

I want to stream stuff that I enjoy. I want to have fun streaming. Lately, the most fun I have in terms of gaming is playing Indie Games. Indies usually don’t have the giant potential audience AAA titles have, unless the game’s been hyped up to some degree, say by a Kickstarter that made the gaming news or because the game was shown off at one of the many conventions (and on a stream) like E3 and GC. And even then, most Indies don’t get as much traction as even a mediocre to bad AAA title gets easily. I mean, sure, there is a large demographic of people who share this interest for Indie Games, for fresh ideas, that traditional AAA publishers wouldn’t touch out of fear they wouldn’t make enough money.

That’s why I like folks like Devolver and Raw Fury. They know when they see a good concept, are willing to take risks with less than PG rated stuff and niche games. If they didn’t we likely wouldn’t have the.. “obscurity” that is Genital Jousting or the throwback to Oldschool LucasArts Point’n’Click games that is Kathy Rain (Which, I have to admit, I still need to buy and play at some point in time, bad me!). Especially Raw Fury has me dumbfounded, as all the games in their portfolio so far – Starting with their 2015, first ever, release of Kingdom, right up to the upcoming Twin-Stick-Arena-Gore-Shooter Tormentor X Punisher – are high-quality games made with blood, sweat, tears and a lot of passion we likely wouldn’t be able to enjoy if it weren’t for the Raw Fury duders and their excellent choice of games to publish. I can’t wait to see if they have anything new signed up, GDC can’t come soon enough!

But, enough going off on Tangents, back to the nitty-gritty stuff! So, my plan is to stream Indie Games with a low(er) potential audience. I also plan to switch up games regularly to keep things fresh. This is mainly because a lot of the games I thoroughly enjoy are rather open-ended, Roguelikes often have smaller session times, especially if you tend to die a lot; Management games such as Rimworld might have a win condition, but going for that is completely optional and IIRC at least in the case of Rimworld doesn’t necessarily cause you to “end” a save game, either. There’s still a couple loose ends on some games I started playing on Stream last year, as well. I’ll likely not start those games over at this point, but rather just go for completing the games I think.

Next, I want to dedicate one stream every (other) week to showing of games I’d consider Hidden Gems. Now, these won’t necessarily be stuff that can be bought into, or games that just somehow managed to fly under the Radar, I also want to pull interesting stuff from sources like’s library of free titles. My current plan is as follows: Play one or two games per Hidden Gems stream and write a short Blog-Blurb for each of the games, how I liked them, things that I (dis)liked in particular, whether I could see a larger audience enjoying them and all that. Those would be coming out, like, the week after, as in, on the day of the next stream. This would leave me a couple days to write the blurbs, maybe prepare a little video and or screenshots and would leave me a day or two to potentially pre-release them to a Patreon, if I ever went that route, I guess. But that’s a topic for a different post.

With content out of the way, let’s talk presentation a bit. I am in dire need of Streamlabs adding support for Beam, as the only real service offering on-screen stuff for Beam right now is Streamjar and I really dislike their stuff massively. I want to be able to rearrange my notifications and such on the fly, in OBS. I can’t do that with Streamjar as their whole thing is in the Browser and I lay over complete scenes via CLR. I find that approach pretty dumb, to be frank, as you do not see changes in OBS in real time, don’t have your game capture / webcam in the browser and have to “play by ear” when editing scenes. Sure, Streamlabs also has an extensive online part to it, but the fact that I get the modules all on their own into OBS and can freely move and resize in OBS, on the fly while being able to see my Game Capture and Webcam? That’s actually pretty much the only thing I miss about Twitch. There’s just no service on Streamlabs level – although their donation effects sub thing is, let’s say, quite a low blow, especially since there is no confirmation whether you really would like to sub to them in the case you aren’t.

All my Stream’s graphic works will remain as is, as I’m pretty content with it, seeing how I did all that horrible stuff myself. then again, if anybody would want to give me a make-over.. Let me know, especially if you accept love and air and exposure to empty rooms as payment options. As for the bot, I’ll use the next couple days to make that neat again, maybe even do something with them Internet Points people could get for hanging out, Idunno.

And last, but certainly not least.. How much of Dom, when and where? I actually don’t know the answer to How much and When yet, save for the Hidden Gem stuff which will definitely happen, but all Streams will be held on Beam, and Beam only. I have the Channel linked in the top menu, but if you want a handy dany link, you can just click here, as well!

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