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So, with the streaming plans out of the way, let’s talk about this thing you’re currently on, reading this other thing that is essentially part of the first thing. THINGCEPTION! So, since I’ve got your attention now, what do I have in store for the binary basement? Do I even have anything in store at all?

The answer to this would be YES. Kinda. For one, like I already stated in my Stream Plans, I would like to stream some interesting “Hidden Gems” every (other) week and share my thoughts on the games I played on the blog afterwards. Not a full blown review or anything, just my thoughts on what I’ve seen of the games, a couple screenshots, maybe a VOD or seperate little gameplay video and, of course, links to all the interesting stuff (itch, website, dev twitter etc). This will (hopefully) turn into a general “My thoughts on X” series of stuff on the blog eventually, as well, where I don’t review a game, but rather share my thoughts on them with the requirement that I actually have been able to play the game.

Next are, of course, reviews of stuff I play and/or stream. I don’t know if there’s all that much needed to be said here. Dom plays game, Dom reviews game as objectively as possible, no matter whether he ragequit or completed the game. I’m not really big on giving scores or even recommendations to buy, as even with as much objectivity involved as possible, there’s always some subjectivity flowing into a review, especially if you ragequit a game. So, while I might go ahead and give buy recommendations – These would, by the way, be either BUY or DO NOT BUY, no “buy if on sale for more than X off” shit – you should probably see these as more of an indepth “My thoughts on X” kinda thing, despite it being a bit more formal and objective.

But we’re not done yet! In addition to the stuff above, I’d like to give my thoughts on gaming news every now and then and once or twice a month do a little post about upcoming stuff. Nothing big, just a list of the things I have my eyes on, a short, like, three sentence blurb about them, a screenshot or two, links and nothing more. And then there’s conventions! Of course, I only plan to attend one, or maybe two, this year, but there’s a lot more and most of them have some sort of Stream going on these days, showing off stuff that’s on the floor. Convention Posts would definitely fall more into the “My thoughts on X” thing, but if I can catch streams and other news from conventions, I might do post additional thoughts on stuff being said/shown. Oh, and if I go to GamesCom (Which really is something I intend to, if at all possible, as a Trade Visitor, again) expect me to be better prepared this time around, haha!

And last, but not least, there’s the topic of Gamedev stuff. I’m not 100% sure as to what and how and when and how many etc. this part of the blog will end up being, as that kinda depends on how I end up in terms of workflow once I start that whole thing back up, which I really need to do soon. Right now, I’m mostly thinking regular status reports, maybe the odd Milestone report. Add to that odd stuff I do (i.e. overcomplicateed systems taking weeks of coding time for a thing one could get running a lot simpler in two days), maybe a Game Design post or two, I really don’t know to be honest.

If I was to, say, release a weekly Status report post and have enough material to play two “Hidden Gems” every week and have the once-a-month Upcoming stuff / news post, we’re at 3-4 Posts/Week and I’m already on a rather loaded schedule, if I also want to stream and game dev (and probably work a day job because, y’know, can’t live on air and love alone, or pay for domains and stuff), I think I could only stuff in one or two other blog posts to work on at a time so I wouldn’t expect the Blog to start sprawling with life any time soon(ish). Also, while definitely something I consider a possibility in the future, there won’t be a Patreon, or a link to tip me here or on the stream for the time being as I am of the opinion that, especially in retrospect of the last year, I should prove my mettle before asking for other people’s money.

A Gamedev Plans post will follow once I actually am getting back into things on that end. I’m currently hatching an idea but it’s nothing to talk about yet in my opinion.

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