Stuff I am looking forward to

(Note: All games listed here are not currently released. I am looking forward to some Early Access stuff as well, but I think that’s best suited for another post.)

Since it is always good to have your sight on what’s happening, I too have stuff I am looking forward to and would love to play. I don’t necessarily would say I’m hyped about any particular game I will be mentioning, but I definitely do have a healthy interest in them.


WildFactor Games

Machiavillain is a Colony Simulator, similar to Rimworld, Prison Architect¬†and Dwarf Fortress. There is one major difference though, as you’re not managing humanoids, but Monsters that have come straight from Oldschool horror movies! Your colony is a nightmarish mansion and your mission is to lure unsuspecting youth into said mansion and let your monsters do what they do best. Oh, and then let everybody have their favourite part of human afterwards. Vampires love blood, Zombies have an unhealthy obsession for brains and Skeletons need backup bones!

Oh, and if the townsfolk gets suspicious? Well, I hope your monsters can handle some puny police men, but even if they can there’s always the one true enemy of any monster ready to strike if suspicion reaches all-time highs: AN ANGRY MOB, complete with Pitchforks and Torches!

Mummy being chased by angry mob.



Haven Made, Craigz

What can I say about Warcube that a gif wouldn’t be able to tell you way better? I actually have no idea so let me start with a gif!

Warcube has been influenced by games such as Shadows of Mordor, albeit slightly more simple in the graphics department. While its main focus is on Combat, complete with dynamic bullet time for gif-worthy scenes (such as in the gif above) and highly realistic cube physics, you’ll also be able to capture outposts, grow an army and explore the world in search of secrets and ancient treasures. Oh, and this is also possible (and encouraged):

UPDATE: Craigz has just announced that WARCUBE will hit Steam Early Access on the 27th!


Heart Of Scrap

Chasing Carrots

Besiege meets Frozen Synapse meets Multiplayer. Heart Of Scrap is a Turn-based Strategy game in which you get to build your very own futuristic airships to subsequently duke it out in one of many Battle arenas. What’s special about it is the simultaneous turn mechanic, in which both players actions are executed at the same time. Each turn has a specific timeframe allotted to them which the players are allowed to utilize while having full control over every single piece of their ship. Want to burn towards the enemy? Set all Thrusters to max, but don’t forget you’ll have to slow down as well! Heart of Scrap lures you in with a simple to learn concept that is near impossible to master. If you’re looking for a challenging Multiplayer title, this is one game to get keep an eye on, the skill ceiling is up WAY high!



Shiro Games

I’m a sucker for vikings and Norse mythology. I also happen to enjoy RTS games, so it’s no wonder Northgard is on this list. Shiro Games of Evoland fame are currently in the process of creating this beauty, and I really mean that it is beautiful. Nested in somewhere inbetween Age Of Empires and Cultures (from what I’ve seen of the game so far, which ain’t much more than they show on the homepage), I can’t wait to found my own viking village, build a harbor and some Drakkar (or longboats for you guys.) and send some guys pillaging while also dealing with Ice Giants and other abominations.

Tormentor X Punisher

E-Studio, Raw Fury

Really, there’s not much to say about TxP. It’s a Twin-Stick-Gore-Shooter, has score- and leaderboard functionalities and you slaughtermurder tons of demons. It’s just plain fun, even if you suck at it like me. Also, the Sound Design is just superb! From Voice acting to Guns, to Shells dropping, to Monsters, Joonas makes sure TxP is pleasant on the ears.¬†Since there are no Screenshots available as of now, I’ll leave you with the Teaser Trailer.


These are just some of the games I am looking forward to, but they are by far the most interesting ones that aren’t high-profile titles such as Dawn Of War III (I need my Space Marines and Tau) or Spellforce 3, which is beautiful because of how it weaves RPG and RTS together. There are, of course, other Indie and low-profile titles I am kinda looking forward to such as Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! and a plethora of titles already available in Early Access / buy-in alpha such as Space Pirates and Zombies 2, Flamberge or CrossCode. What games are you looking forward to?

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