I tried..

So, I *wanted* to stream during the weekend. I swear! I did, however run into a couple teensy tiny problems…

Those problems being mainly that Beam is, at least on my end, appearing to be a god damn train wreck, a really bad train wreck, the kind where nobody made it out alive. Beam recently launched their 2.0 site design, a complete rework from the ground up. Video Player included, and that is where my story begins:

I can’t watch ANYTHING on Beam as of this Post. On the new site, with the new Video player, that thing just straight up lags out for me. Every. Single. Time! Across all Transcodes and all my devices, no less. On the Legacy site, I can’t watch Source quality at all and Transcodes are spotty at best with more lag and buffer than actual playback. I am in Contact with their Support Staff but being unable to watch Streams also impairs my ability to stream (somewhat). OBS tells me everything is fine, but that’s not what I saw during my tests. I don’t know whether my stream is fine or not. Thankfully, I seem to belong to a minority with not being able to watch stuff at all basically, but the redesigned site has SO many bugs and errors it could staunch the flow of new Viewers to the site somewhat. I also do know that it is 99.999% likely not to be my stuff, as a triple checked both my router and the modem and across multiple devices and browsers. Best case, something just got completely borked in Beams code and can be fixed, worst case, my ISP is being a major asshat – Although the latter wouldn’t make too much sense as Twitch and Youtube are unaffected. Hell, even Steam is faster than ever! So, I hope this whole thing is getting fixed soon and that’s pretty much all I can do other than doing the occasional Tracert and checking chrome’s Dev console for errors being spat out and relaying that stuff to the appropriate people. So.. here’s hope!

In other News: Warcube enters Early Access on the 27th (Friday)! I’ll most likely not be able to get it before next week (aka. Feb 1st) so that’ll be on the channel either this weekend or the week after, if my issues get fixed, lol.

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