2017 Plans – An Update

We’re almost done with the first quarter of 2017. How did my Plans, Hopes and Wishes hold up so far?


Streaming: I tried admirably, but then my ISP started being shit and re-routing my traffic to and from Beam over some sort of Potato apparatus and is generally a major PITA to deal with. Not wanting to go back to Twitch because f*ck that delay (Get on it already, Twitch, FFS!), I sank back into a crevasse somewhere. I recently started getting that itch to stream, again, though and since I still can’t stream to Beam properly, I might actually will go back to Twitch. Stay tuned for more on that front soon-ish.

Making Games: Not much progress, if any at all. I just fall into scope creep pretty much from the Get-Go and still have that darn mindset of “It has to be a great game. Not just good. It has to be fun for hundreds of hours and it needs ALL THESE COOL THINGS!” which isn’t all that helpful. GAH!

Website/Blog: Do I even need to say anything regarding this bit? You see the vast amount of stuff I’ve written since January, we’re totally on track here! /s

Add to that the usual, more personal stuff and you have.. Well.. This. Ain’t gonna lie, I’d love to just vanish and start everything from Square One, but Life doesn’t support Save-Scumming or re-rolling, as far as I am concerned so, all I can do is keep trying, I guess.

Dom Out!

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