More thoughts about Streamer Pulse..

So, I have given you my thoughts about Numbers recently. Thoughts I had, because of DizzyDizaster’s Streamer Pulse show on Twitch. Today, I want to give you some more thoughts, or rather, food for thoughts. Ideas what topics I would be interested to hear more about from people who have more experience than I do, or at the very least a (way) better track record. 

So, like I said in the last Blog Post I do need to work on my Marketing Skills more because while I do have an, in my opinion, good grasp on how to use Twitter which I do put to use or, at least, try to, Reddit and Youtube are totally unknown to me in that aspect, there’s probably even more Sites, like, one could use to market themselves and their stream but as someone who has no idea about advertising a little more guidance on that would be great.

In the same vain, some talk about a Streamer’s Toolkit would be great. And I don’t mean “Explain what OBS does for a Streamer”, but in what ways one can make use of their VODs, how to find good, Highlighting-worthy material During- and Post-Stream, other ways in which to make use of VODs or local Recordings, Twitch’s own Upload and On-Demand Video system and Use-cases, like Belannaer’s Reviews, Steam Curation possibilities and other interesting (little) things a Streamer could use to get the most out of their Stream. Conversation Starters, Gimmicks and Hooks might also be an interesting topic to talk about, where everybody could take something home from.

As I said in the last Blog Post, I like to think of my Stream of being very Gameplay- and Community-focused. I try my best to be a bright, welcoming guy and to create an environment in which a Community could grow. At the same Time, for example, I like to keep my Overlays minimal, I have Follower-, Host- and Bit-Alerts and, of course, a chormakey-ed webcam feed, but other than that I try to keep the Screen as clean as possible because, on the Video feed, for me the most important part is the Game. I hate the Bits Bucket, Bit Boss and extensive Overlays that hide potentially important information in the game, even if those things might be great to incentivize all kinds of things and I know that by not using them I am shooting myself in the Foot and that I need to find a better balance for these things. So, this might be more of a thing I’d have to pester someone in private with to pick their brains, I’d hazard to take a guess and say that I am by far not the only one who is saying one thing but has reality looking quite different. Finding the right Balance of, excuse my french, Garbage on the Screen and Stream in general (See: Bots) and the actually important stuff would be another topic (for me, at least).

Community Building. It kinda takes things from all the other points I’ve rambled about. There’s Tools in any Streamer’s Toolkit for this, but some might be more adept at using them than others. I’d count myself to the latter group and while I know that growing a community is largely organic and “just happens” but there are many things one can do to try and influence growth rate, speed and other factors. Sure, it always depends on the person themselves, as well, but those are imo two different things to tackle.

The last thing I can think of right now is something Dizzy may has talked about on the last Streamer Pulse, but it was late and I was tired, so I didn’t stay long and haven’t watched the VOD yet (shame on me!). I’m talking about “being entertaining”. If you ask ten persons what is entertaining to them, you’ll likely get ten different answers. A lot has, of course, to do with your own head. If you say and think “I am not entertaining” then you sure as hell won’t be. I myself am always saying that I am not that entertaining. There are many folks who I’d prefer watching over myself, but it’s not like I am thinking of myself as boring or emotionless. I tend to get salty in some games, but not in the “This game is bullshit” sense. I mean, sure, I do say things similar to that, but I know that I’m at fault, not the game (at least in most cases, anyway) and its all in good fun and in the end everybody gets a good laugh out of me getting a “Game Over” in the most ridiculous way possible, even myself. I’d say my biggest problem in this regard is, I am not all that engaging. I’m more of a listener, an Ambivert with a slight tendency towards Introvercy, I don’t like Smalltalk much and usually have fuck-all in terms of ideas of what to talk about. Then again, if I want to talk about something or simply ramble like in these last couple Blog posts, I can do that no problem. It takes me literally no time at all to write these posts or write Tweet-Threads to ramble just a teensy tinsy bit. It’s mostly a Head thing for me, but I guess some tips on how to be more entertaining would be greatly appreciated.

And that’s it for now, I think. At least I’m done rambling. If you’ve read this whole thing.. You’re the MVP, seriously! <3

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