Growing Strategy

Welcome the the last post of my “Strategy”-Miniseries, or the penultimate should I elect to do a post rounding everything up, we’ll see. This time, we will talk about the goal of all the other things we have been talking about before, Growth.

Let me Pre-Face this by saying: This will NOT work without the things we have talked about prior, especially the Community one is important for this!

Your first job will be to try and convert viewers from “I just clicked here by accident” to “I stayed for the whole thing“. This is crucial, because you won’t grow if people join and leave after two minutes. You got to make First- and One-Time-viewers feel welcome. Make them want to come back! They might not religiously watch every Stream from the Get-Go, even if they come back, invite them into your Community and convert them into Regulars of your Channel. Engage them off Stream as well, get to know them. Show them you care about them as a person, not as a number or statistic.

Make friends with other Streamers. Network! Try to get along especially with people whose channels are similar to your own, whether that is in content, the kind of Community, a combination, or other factors. Networking is a key factor in growth. Furthermore, you want to optimize your Reach by using appropriate Hashtags and Mentions on Twitter, Communities on Twitch and bending the Rules ever so slightly in general. But never forget to show Respect. Most Subreddits for Example don’t like self-advertizing, or advertizing stuff like Streams in General, but you can bend these Rules in most Cases by just showing Respect. Delete the link after you’re done streaming, thank the people who came out to watch you, maybe someone gave you valuable hints? Shout them out for it. You’ll be surprised how much you can get away with.

You got to cherish and celebrate your Growth! While Follow-Goals (or Sub-Goals, for that matter) can look incredibly shallow or greedy, especially when making them prominent on the Stream, these Goals allow you to celebrate your Growth, which in turn means celebrating your Community and its growth! Remember that, if your channel grows, so too does your Community. Show them Appreciation! How, you ask? Invite the Community to play some Multiplayer Games, have a Giveaway for your Community or let them choose a game for a One- or Two-Shot and stipulate some extra Rules. Make your Community have fun, together! Show this to new people, make them want to become part of this!

You should always strife to improve the Stream and yourself. You should never be too content with the Status Quo, there’s always something you can improve on just a little. Use Clips and highlights to your Advantage, share them on Social Media – Well, maybe not every single one, but some. Think about maybe creating a Highlight Reel for a game you played after the fact to show off the game and your community, maybe create a monthly Highlight Reel instead / in addition? If you can’t make a Stream, leverage the usage of a VODcast so your regulars will see “you” at the usual time and can have their gathering and maybe relive some great stream of an older game.

If you can manage to, try to squeeze in some extra Stream Time and just talk with people. A little Chit-Chat can go ways beyond expactation. Maybe you do a refular FAQ Stream, or upload channel Update Vlogs, or both. Maybe you use Youtube as a secondary Archive, as well, for all your VODs, the best Highlights and your Highlight Reels. Maybe you use Youtube for other things, as well, like Reviews. Just keep in mind you should concentrate on one Platform for the most part, and one Off-Stream Community solution. You don’t want to fragment your Community.

If you nurture your Channel and Community, you will see Growth in due time, it’s a process that can take some time. Don’t grow impatient, it will happen.

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