About Me



Since you somehow stumbled across this Website, I guess you know what its purpose is. On the off-chance you don’t, let me give you a quick run-down:

My name’s Dominik, and I go by the Online handle of domin0e quite an awful lot. I’m a rookie Game Developer / Programmer who recently got his Diploma and is now trying to clobber together the will to make that Bachelors degree happen. I do, similar to lots of other people, have quite a few Problems and Quirks that may or may not have already, do currently or will in the future bite me in the butt.

Games are something I have always enjoyed – I grew up with my father’s Sega and Atari and got my first computer with six, if I remember correctly. Even at that young age, I was fascinated by how all that stuff worked, and wanted to learn how to make stuff myself. Truth be told, VB probably wasn’t the best thing to start a kid off with (but thanks anyways, dad!) and since we 90-ies kids still went outside to play most of the time (Or played with toys that weren’t computers or consoles) the desire learn how to do “computer stuff” went to the back of my head relatively quick. Fast forward almost two decades, and I’m making Video games (Or at least, I’m trying my darndest!).

This Website is what it all boils down to. A place for me to share my Projects, my love of Video games. My humble abode in the vast ocean that is the internet. The plan is to actually use this website as my portfolio as well because, let’s face it: You probably want to create a place where potential employers can take a gander at all the stuff you’ve done before, even though it’s, in my humble opinion, a wee bit harder for us programmers compared to artists or sound guys. I also have a small (and thus pretty much unknown) Twitch stream where I stream. It used to be a more regular thing, but those problems and quirks I mentioned earlier really took their toll lately, and I really need to get back into streaming, if only because there are so many awesome people who give out press/review copies to small guys, such as myself and every bit of exposure I can give them is my thanks to them – So yeah, I really need to get back at that, again. Who knows, maybe I’ll do some reviews on here as well in addition to the streams.

I think that is all the important stuff said. So, welcome to my binary basement, enjoy your stay and stay awesome!

– Dom

If you would like to reach Dominik, you can write him a mail at dominik [at] binarybasement [dot] com, or ping him on Twitter @Domin0e.