2017 – Plans, Hopes and Wishes

It’s been a while, eh? I hope that you, my trusty reader, have had great holidays and a good start into 2017. So, as you most likely observed, I never really got around to post lots of stuff on here. Well, anything, really.

I’m sorry for that. 2016 wasn’t exactly my favourite year. I don’t know if I can promise 2017 will be any better, but I will do my darndest to make it so.


Growing Strategy

Welcome the the last post of my “Strategy”-Miniseries, or the penultimate should I elect to do a post rounding everything up, we’ll see. This time, we will talk about the goal of all the other things we have been talking about before, Growth.

Let me Pre-Face this by saying: This will NOT work without the things we have talked about prior, especially the Community one is important for this! (more…)

Networking Strategy

In the third part of the “Strategy”-Miniseries we will talk about Networking. Networking is an integral part of the work one will have to do in this Industry to grow. We will talk about Networking with other Streamers, Game Devs and a tiny bit about Networking (a.k.a. reaching out to) brands. I know that there are some points in this post that I personally need to up my game to and that will be a priority of mine. (more…)

Community Strategy

The second  post of my Mini-“Series” on Strategy stuff regarding my stream, so your Mileage may vary. This time, we’ll talk about Community. Next to actually putting in the work to stream, I think that the Community is the most important part of a Channel. Without a community, you’re only broadcasting for whoever’s wiretapping you that day. (more…)

Streaming Strategy

So, I’m writing this just before calling it a night, but I hope this will end up coherent nonetheless. This first of four or five posts will deal with the strategy I have come up with for streaming itself.

As of now, it’s just a very crude outline for some rules I am going to try to follow. Once I’ve had a chance to post all “Strategy” posts, I’ll revise all posts, and post them on a page by themselves in their 2.0 Versions. But enough of a foreword, let’s get to the nitty-gritty! (more…)

Update on the Update

Two Entries in two days?! Whoa! Well, this is just an Update for yesterdays update, so hop in and hear me out. (more…)

Time for another irregularly scheduled Update!

Hey folks! It is that time again, yup. I can hear you ask “But Dom, why now?” already, so let me explain. The last real update I gave was in late March, during a time where I was deep in another streaming slump with the first post having been made in January. (more…)

More thoughts about Streamer Pulse..

So, I have given you my thoughts about Numbers recently. Thoughts I had, because of DizzyDizaster’s Streamer Pulse show on Twitch. Today, I want to give you some more thoughts, or rather, food for thoughts. Ideas what topics I would be interested to hear more about from people who have more experience than I do, or at the very least a (way) better track record.  (more…)

2017 Plans – An Update

We’re almost done with the first quarter of 2017. How did my Plans, Hopes and Wishes hold up so far? (more…)

I tried..

So, I *wanted* to stream during the weekend. I swear! I did, however run into a couple teensy tiny problems…