2017 – Plans, Hopes and Wishes

It’s been a while, eh? I hope that you, my trusty reader, have had great holidays and a good start into 2017. So, as you most likely observed, I never really got around to post lots of stuff on here. Well, anything, really.

I’m sorry for that. 2016 wasn’t exactly my favourite year. I don’t know if I can promise¬†2017 will be any better, but I will do my darndest to make it so.


More thoughts about Streamer Pulse..

So, I have given you my thoughts about Numbers recently. Thoughts I had, because of DizzyDizaster’s Streamer Pulse show on Twitch. Today, I want to give you some more thoughts, or rather, food for thoughts. Ideas what topics I would be interested to hear more about from people who have more experience than I do, or at the very least a (way) better track record.¬† (more…)

2017 Plans – An Update

We’re almost done with the first quarter of 2017. How did my Plans, Hopes and Wishes hold up so far? (more…)

I tried..

So, I *wanted* to stream during the weekend. I swear! I did, however run into a couple teensy tiny problems…


Stuff I am looking forward to

(Note: All games listed here are not currently released. I am looking forward to some Early Access stuff as well, but I think that’s best suited for another post.)

Since it is always good to have your sight on what’s happening, I too have stuff I am looking forward to and would love to play. I don’t necessarily would say I’m hyped about any particular game I will be mentioning, but I definitely do have a healthy interest in them. (more…)

Website and Blog Plans

So, with the streaming plans out of the way, let’s talk about this thing you’re currently on, reading this other thing that is essentially part of the first thing. THINGCEPTION! So, since I’ve got your attention now, what do I have in store for the binary basement? Do I even have anything in store at all? (more…)

Streaming Plans

More plan talking, woohoo!

Soooooo… Streaming. Yeah. I’ll be going back to¬†entertaining empty rooms, and I do not expect ’em to fill up anytime soon, or ever, really. Before you click the post just to post a comment about how I should either be more confident about the whole thing or just give up before trying and then realizing nobody is watching and subsequently going all “Well, fudge this!” again, hear me out! (more…)

This doesn’t look how it used to!

No worries, dear visitor! I have just swapped my CMS for WordPress, as the one I used before just was way too cumbersome. I will bring back all content that was on the old site hopefully during the weekend, and maybe finally do some more content, now that I am using a more streamlined, intuitive CMS.

GamesCom Recap – Rawfury Games

Raw Fury Games came to GamesCom with an interesting lineup this year, showing off Art in Heart’s surreal 2D Platformer GoNNER at the Indie Arena Booth while giving sneak peeks of Joonas Turner’s Tormentor X Punisher behind closed doors in the business area just days before their official announcement.

Let me preface this by saying that the only reason I am putting both games into this post is because Tormentor X Punisher has just been announced and is still in an early stage of development, there’s not all that much to say about it – yet.

In GoNNER, you play Ikk, who is on an adventure to cheer up a giant, landbound whale by the name of Sally – his only friend in the world. You will love Sally. Ikk is, however, not alone on his journey, far from it! Ikk will have a Mentor character in none other than Death himself, who will supply Ikk with all sorts of useful items.

You will help Ikk traverse a surreal, ever-changing landscape filled with creatures who do not take kindly to you trespassing, and/or they simply don’t like Sally. And we all know, Creatures who don’t like Sally are abominations deserving a few nasty words (or worse)! GoNNER is a hard as hell, procedurally generated 2D Platformer with some Roguelike elements with lots of content, secrets and multiple endings making it a game that brings something for everybody to the table. Collect different weapons, gamechanging heads like the flaming skull, or the hardmode inducing Poop head and compliment your choices with a backpack that brings utility to the mix. Once unlocked, you can choose any part at the start of a run meaning you can blaze through the game in your favorite combination once you found it! Add Ditto’s incredibly beautiful art choices alongside Martin Kvale’s sound design and the music composed by Joar Renolen and you have one hell of game that definitely qualifies as a piece of art.

You will be able to join Ikk in his journey to cheer up his one and only friend on the whole world soon-ish ™ and see his determination to fulfill his goal, even if it kills him – which it certainly will. A lot.

You can find the game’s homepage here.

Additionally, you can follow Ditto on Twitter.

Next is Tormentor X Punisher, coming right from the mind of Joonas Turner who has been involved in games like Nuclear Throne and Broforce. TxP is a fast-paced, twin-stick arena-shooter – What a mouthfull! – Complete with One-Hit mechanics, Bossfights and Highscores. Oh, and Demons trying to escape the ninth gate of Hell, naturally. Joonas secured some high class help in form of programmer Beau Blyth who worked on Hyper Light Drifter and artist Tuuka Stefanson for whom TxP is the first journey into the waters of professional Game Development.

The formula behind Tormentor X Punisher is simple, but that’s what makes it perfect. Run, shoot Demons, Die – and do it again! Chase that impossible Highscore just like the Raw Fury folks did during GamesCom. You could hear throughout the hall whenever somebody beat the Highscore, which should tell you a lot of things about the game. To top all that off, the sound design is SPOT ON, from the firing sound, over the soundtrack to the resounding “Let’s fucking do this!” starting off each round the game manages to  get your adrenaline pumping while you frantically push your analog sticks around, trying to survive those demonic hordes!

Tormentor X Punisher does not have any estimates for a release date yet, all we know is that it will happen in 2017 rather than late in 2016.

If you want to stay up to date with the development, make sure to follow Joonas on Twitter and have a look at the game’s website over here (and consider signing up for the Newsletter to stay informed whenever Raw Fury pull out the next surprise from their magic hat!)

Who is Art in Heart?

Art in Heart is a new studio founded by programmer, game designer, and artist Ditto (Planeter, Hets). The studio’s first project, GoNNER, will be the first commercial release for Ditto after having released several smaller and well-regarded prototypes on itch.io.

Who is Joonas Turner?

Joonas Turner is a video game sound designer who has worked with well known multi award winning video games. He has deep understanding of how video games work and how to enhance the gameplay experience with original unique audio


Who is Raw Fury Games? 

We’re just people, man. Just people with an abnormal interest in games. Ok, actually it goes beyond that. All of us believe that games matter. They are the marriage of art and craft. They can elevate, change, entertain, surprise, and move people. They’re the modern vessels for our stories – our imagination. They facilitate communication and communion.

We’ve run both small and large development studios, we’ve produced games, promoted them, and written about them. We’ve designed them, distributed them, and delivered them into the hands of fans. We come from places like Paradox Interactive, EA DICE, and Destructoid. We are a small team of veterans that have all enjoyed success and survived through challenges.

And this is where we follow our passion to help the next generation of developer magicians. To help them find success, be happy, and stay independent.