Update on the Update

Two Entries in two days?! Whoa! Well, this is just an Update for yesterdays update, so hop in and hear me out. (more…)

Time for another irregularly scheduled Update!

Hey folks! It is that time again, yup. I can hear you ask “But Dom, why now?” already, so let me explain. The last real update I gave was in late March, during a time where I was deep in another streaming slump with the first post having been made in January. (more…)

2017 Plans – An Update

We’re almost done with the first quarter of 2017. How did my Plans, Hopes and Wishes hold up so far? (more…)

Stuff I am looking forward to

(Note: All games listed here are not currently released. I am looking forward to some Early Access stuff as well, but I think that’s best suited for another post.)

Since it is always good to have your sight on what’s happening, I too have stuff I am looking forward to and would love to play. I don’t necessarily would say I’m hyped about any particular game I will be mentioning, but I definitely do have a healthy interest in them. (more…)

Website and Blog Plans

So, with the streaming plans out of the way, let’s talk about this thing you’re currently on, reading this other thing that is essentially part of the first thing. THINGCEPTION! So, since I’ve got your attention now, what do I have in store for the binary basement? Do I even have anything in store at all? (more…)

Streaming Plans

More plan talking, woohoo!

Soooooo… Streaming. Yeah. I’ll be going back to¬†entertaining empty rooms, and I do not expect ’em to fill up anytime soon, or ever, really. Before you click the post just to post a comment about how I should either be more confident about the whole thing or just give up before trying and then realizing nobody is watching and subsequently going all “Well, fudge this!” again, hear me out! (more…)

2017 – Plans, Hopes and Wishes

It’s been a while, eh? I hope that you, my trusty reader, have had great holidays and a good start into 2017. So, as you most likely observed, I never really got around to post lots of stuff on here. Well, anything, really.

I’m sorry for that. 2016 wasn’t exactly my favourite year. I don’t know if I can promise¬†2017 will be any better, but I will do my darndest to make it so.