You Are The King

You Are The King came into existence during Ludum Dare 34, where it was a LD Jam project. LD34 was quite unique due to the fact that two themes actually tied for first place and contestants were allowed to choose either or, if desired, both. The themes that won the voting were “Growing” and “Two Button controls” and I am utilizing both in the game.

In You Are The King you are the ruler of a small kingdom, that is trying to grow as big as possible (Who’d have thought?!). You do not have a direct way of choosing how to grow where, however. Instead your subjects will ask for your advice and guidance, you only get to either allow or disallow their expansion plans. However, you got to decide fast, as your subjects are a truly impatient people!

The game features four ressources that need to be balanced in order for you to maximize your growth: Raw Material, gathered via Mines. Tools, crafted in (Manu-)Factories. Food, gathered by farmers all over your kingdom. And last, but not least: Gold, gathered in the form of taxes by subjects living in villages all over your kingdom. In the manner of a true Regent, your kingdom is only as big as the amount of coin in your treasury, so maximize those tax gains if you want to have the highest score!

But there are also some obstacles to overcome: People will not follow a ruler who has debts, and they will leave you to die a poor, powerless shell of yourself. Furthermore, Factories spread Miasma through your Kingdom, it’ll make land barren and your subjects will succumb to illness, unable and unwilling to pay you taxes. You are frail yourself, and should the Miasma reach your castle, you are sure to succumb to it! Thankfully, Herbalists seem to be able to fight Miasma and heal land and people – They do ask for compensation though, so be wary! Forests also seem to hold off Miasma, so better always have some inbetween your castle and whereever the Miasma is!